A reliable resource of information to blitz the fat.



I’m here to find the best and most effective natural fat burner’s on the market.

After having struggled with my weight through too much drinking and partying with my buddies, I decided as I reached my thirties that something had to change.

I read a lot on the internet about diet, weight training HIIT, supplements and even steroids.

What I really wanted was a single source for this information and to find out more about legal and natural weight loss supplements, hence here we are.

I lost quite a few pounds by cutting down on the booze and fast food whilst incorporating weight training, better foods and a few supplements into my new regime to maximize the results.

Here, I have tried and tested many weight management supplements that are ideal for both men and women, some are great and the most, well, they’re pretty darn awful.

Let me guide you away from the crap and to what is good quality and good value.

A fitter and healthier you not only makes you feel better but it can reduce overall illness and reduce healthcare costs.


DISCLAIMER: All posts, pages and content is written by myself with my own independent views and experiences of products, training programs, and nutrition.

All product reviews are based on my experiences, trials, testing and publicly available scientific studies – links to the sources are provided.  

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