Does Copper Have Fat Burning Properties?

In a recent study, it seems scientists have hit another almost higgs boson discovery, they found that the copper element is a good fat burner when in conjunction with a healthy diet and nutrition plan.


The earth shattering discovery proves that copper helps in fat metabolism, something the body seems to thrive on when administered in small amounts.

Previously you may only have associated copper with the roofs on places of worship which when oxides, turns a blue/green color, it was also commonly used in cabling but now copper prices on the increase it may be more associated with theft from derelict housing or even electrified train cables.


However, it also has a role in biology.

Copper is great at helping our bodies absorb iron, fantastic at boosting our immunity as well as building our connective tissues.

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Not only that, it dismantles the fat cells in our bodies, then the cells are used as energy – win win. It seems then, that copper is a regulator (a bit like Warren G!).


Studies have linked a lack of copper intake with obesity, it is interesting to note that only 25% of Americans were getting their full dose of copper. Since the body does not make this element on its own, it needs to be ingested from the environment in the form of food and drink.

These foods which contain plenty of the element are oysters, shellfish, leafy greens, nuts and seeds plus beans. It is no surprise then that the bodybuilder diet of the ‘Golden Era’ consisted of these foods.

An adult requires around 700mcg which is only 0.7mg of copper daily

There is a balance to be had though before you start chewing on copper pipework in your house, too much copper in the diet causes a Zinc deficiency and if you are looking to build muscle and increase testosterone levels you need plenty of Zinc.


Mice were studied in a lab to find out more regarding the role of copper in the diet. Those mice with mutations that caused accumulation of copper in their livers were thinner than usual.

From plenty of lab work and studies on mice it was discovered that those supplemented with copper were thinner than usual, it was deemed that it has a positive effect on lipolysis.


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