Fat Burning Exercises For Summer

Let’s face facts, in the Northern Hemisphere summer is here, the weather is much warmer and vacations are on the horizon, if not already here. Many people (me included) are acutely aware that we need to get our shit together and fast if we want to look even mildly athletic.

The first gut reaction maybe to sign up to a gym sharpish, however, this can take time to arrange and before you know it your motivation may well be gone when you have to drive 15 minutes or more to join a queue for the maligned ab machine.

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HALT! No, I am not the Gestapo, I am just offering you a quick and versatile alternative that can help you turn what maybe 6 weeks remaining into beach bod extraordinaire – please also be aware that this is real life and miracles can rarely happen so be a little bit realistic.

Single Leg Raises

What may seem a simple and easy exercise (when you were at school) can actually turn into a nightmare fantastic way to work your lower half.

leg raise

Get on all fours with your back remaining flat and your stomach pulled in; then extend one of your legs to the rear whilst remaining stable at all times.

Contract and hold for 10 seconds, then congratulate yourself (and not beforehand) once you have completed 3 sets of 10.

Spiderman Pushups

It is thoroughly understood and appreciated that standard pushups can be dreadful enough, but we are here to puke up our guts in order to impress people on the beach who we couldn’t care less about, and that is just the sad state of society that we live in but we’re all in the same boat so no one is leaving until we do the tortuous spider man pushups.


As you are in the normal starting position of a pushup with your arms extended and you are in the highest position, as you lower yourself extend your right leg out and then bring your knee up to your now flexed elbow. As your push yourself up just reverse the leg movement so you are as your initially started. Repeat the process but now with your opposite leg extended out and your knee trying to touch your other elbow.

Do as many as you can in 60 seconds and then repeat – spider-man suit optional but very much not a necessity.

Corkscrew Lift

Lay on your back with your arms extending out to your sides and your legs hovering an inch off the floor. Raise your legs over your hips and then lift your hips off the floor and twist to one side, reaching your toes straight up for the sky. Lower your legs and then repeat the process. If you are mentally unstable you may wish to incorporate a dumbbell of those weights you can attach to your ankles.


3 sets of 12 should do the trick, you horrible little shit.

Side Crunch 

These are great if you already have a fairly low body fat percentage, so we are talking 15% or less as this is where abdominal muscles and the obliques can start to make theirselves present to add contour and shape. If you are above 15% you have probably fucked it for this year.


Lay on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place your hands behind your ears. Relax your neck, keeping it a fist’s distance from your chest. With elbows wide, lift head, neck and shoulder blades off the floor and move to the side before you reach your knees.

Be a hero and smash out 3 sets of 12.