Fat Burning Foods – These SURPRISED Us

When was the last time you really looked at your calorie intake? You will notice that much of the food available today, especially, convenience food, is filled with calories but there appears to be very little in terms of proper nutritional value.

As many are aware, in order to lose weight there must be a calorie deficit, we must either eat fewer calories that we will burn through our metabolic rate (energy consumed to literally exist) or by expending more calories by exercising more.

Now, with today’s lifestyle of little exercise sat behind our desks at work or sat in car’s for hours on end it may be simpler to eat less calorie laden foods that are nutritious rather than shoveling those chilli fries down our neck and hoping to burn them off on the treadmill. However, if you are looking to increase your muscle mass and strength you need to be lifting heavy weights and utilize the extra energy to increase mass.

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Here’s a few highly nutritious foods that are not too excessive in calories that can help keep your weight in check without being too overly anal about matters.

Greek yogurt has double the amount of protein of other types of yogurts and so it takes much longer to digest. Which keeps you feeling fuller for longer, as it takes much longer to digest it is actually burning more calories processing the foods – this is for all protein rich foods.

Quinoa is a grain that has 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber in just one cup. This provides a much more nutritional alternative to white rice, it is also a very tasty dish that is worth considering over the old staple.

Cinnamon helps keep your blood sugar level stabilized. That means that you likely will eat less, and also eat less often. You could put cinnamon into many dishes including your Greek yogurt to add sweetness without calories. It also goes well in coffee and quinoa dishes. Just remember when you are having it at your favorite Starbucks to hold the full fat milk, whipped cream and syrup.

Hot Peppers contain capsaicin which curbs the appetite and also raises the metabolism. The peppers that have the most capsaicin are habaneros but it is also found in jalapenos. Just ensure that you are ready for the onslaught on the toilet the next day if you are not used to hot peppers, it can take you quite by surprise.

Green tea is also famous for fighting fat deposition on the body. Green tea contains catechins which are a type of phytochemical that is known to help burn abdominal fat. Coffee is also another known fat burnerbut remember these cannot be loaded with full fat milk and sugars.

Apples and pears can hydrate you and make you feel full whilst being low on the calorie count too. Other fibrous vegetables such as broccoli are a great option to have with your dinner.

Eggs are a great meal time option, being high in protein, low in calories and are extremely versatile as well as being fairly inexpensive. The proteins are well utilized by the body and if you want a large omelette try using lots of egg whites and maybe just one of two yolks to keep calories and cholesterol down.

Lean Meats such as fish and chicken are actually quite cost effective and offer a great nutritional profile, they also take a lot of energy to digest meaning your metabolism is higher expending more energy just processing the food.