Melt Away Stubborn Fat With a High Intensity Workout

HIIT started to really gain popularity when Shaun T hit the screens and let us loose on Insanity. For good reason it has almost swept the fitness world as a highly effective way to burn as many calories in the shortest possible time frame. The routines are made up of bursts of energy followed by short intervals of rest. By keeping the rest levels low this makes your muscles and cardiovascular system work harder, in turn your strength and endurance increases while calories are burned to sustain energy levels.

This short, yet intense and explosive workout will set you up for the day, your energy levels will soar as will the dopamine (feel good hormone). These 3 rounds will your entire body ensuring muscle development and endurance will increase.

If you are an advanced trainee you could incorporate a weights bar to maximize the workout.

Routine Rules:  There are 3 Rounds.  Each round consists of 3 exercises.  Complete 8 reps for the first set, 10 reps for the second set, and 12 reps for the final set of the circuit.  Do not stop between exercises (unless needed).  Rest for 60 seconds between rounds.



Start in a standing position.  Drop your hands down to the ground and shoot your feet back into a pushup position.  In one explosive move, jump the feet forward, landing on the heels, and use your momentum to rocket up towards the sky.  That is one repetition. 

Remember, while speed is important in this drill, form always comes first.

Major Muscles Molded: pecs, abs, quads, glutes and hamstrings

Jumping Jack Squats


Jumping Jack Squats target and tone the muscles of the lower body.  This exercise also adds an aerobic element as it  strengthens the heart and lungs. 

Start by jumping the legs out until they are shoulder width apart.  Lower the body into a squat position, keeping your body weight in the heels.  Push through the heels to return to a standing, feet together position. 

Continue this back and forth movement until you hit the desired amount of reps per round.  

Major Muscles Molded:  calves, hip abductors/adductors, shoulders and core

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Mountain Climbers


Get ready to move mountains with an exercise that increases endurance, crushes calories and boosts your balance.  Begin in a plank position, with feet hip width apart and both hands aligned below the shoulders. 

Using your abs, quickly push off the toes and pull the knees up towards the chest. 

To achieve a healthy heart rate, keep the intensity high.  Your lungs and legs should be worked and worn out after each round of this exercise.

Major Muscles Molded:  deltoids, biceps, triceps, pecs, traps, lats, quads and hamstrings

You can also assist with your fat loss goals through diet and supplements.