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Military Muscle T-Booster Complex Review

While this is a website more concerned about fat burning and weight loss, there is a case for other supplements. Testosterone boosters being one of them…

Initial Summary

This is the best test booster I have tried. It combines a large number of ingredients with a very strong daily dose.

Even with this extensive nutrient profile, it manages not to include any banned substances. I experienced good results in the gym which seems to mirror the other customer testimonials.

During my trial period I increased my overall strength which was really positive. My recovery also improved – a winning combination at my age!

This is why I rate it as the best T-Booster out there.

We will cover the product claims, testimonials, ingredients, side effects, dose and how to buy Military Muscle.

Military Muscle Claims

Military Muscle have come on t o the market with all guns blazing!

It claims to offer a full range of anabolic support, this includes:

  • Increase strength
  • Improve performance
  • Positively effect your libido 
  • Enhance your mood

Big claims, right?

However, this is what a healthy level of testosterone can do, among other benefits [1]. All Military Muscle has to do is stimulate more of that wonderful natural hormone.


Military Muscle seem pretty confident of their product and how it can help increase testosterone levels. And, they say that 3 years of research and development have taken place before manufacturing and releasing the product.

This R&D has also used the feedback from military personnel and sports players while a team of researchers formulated the product.


Before I bought Military Muscle, I wanted to see if there were any testimonials for other users, so I checked out their testimonial page.

I wasn’t disappointed, and it gave me further confidence to go ahead and buy a few bottles, not partly because there is free shipping and a 15% discount on 2 bottles or more.

Take a look at some of the testimonials so far:

military muscle test booster testimonial screenshot
A screen shot from

With these testimonials and the 90 day guarantee, I was excited to place my order and wait for the mail man to bring my order.

Military Muscle Ingredients – Is there any evidence?

Taking a look at the ingredients is what separates this test booster from other competitors. 

The number and depth of the nutrient profile is immense, and there’s a transparent list of each dose – no proprietary blends here!

This means that we know how much of each individual is included, and this is important because some nutrients only have proof of being effective at certain levels.

Let’s start from the top:

Vitamin D3

This vitamin really is a hormone, and it acts upon our bodies when we are exposed to sunlight.

The issue is, not many people spend as much time in the sun as they should, and there is a global deficiency. This is now considered a global health issue. [2]

Evidence states that it has many health benefits, one of which is its role to increase natural testosterone levels. [3]

Vitamin A

Commonly associated with carrots and vision. It is true that vitamin A does help keep the cornea clear (the cover of your eyeball) and maintains low light vision. [4]

However, there’s interesting research that also points us towards vitamin A’s contribution to testosterone production in the testes. [5]

While it is interesting to see how each ingredient plays its role, what is more interesting is when we see how some nutrients effect us when combined…so let’s move on to iron.


When combined with vitamin A, the evidence says that iron (and A) is as effective as hormonal therapy! [6]

That’s before we even consider any of the other benefits iron offers such as increasing muscle tone, oxygen delivery to organs and muscles while controlling fatigue. [7]


Active people are at risk of a zinc deficiency. That’s because zinc can be lost through sweat and urine.

It is important to understand that maintaining your zinc levels contributes to healthy testosterone production.

It has been proven that low zinc translates to inadequate testosterone secretion. [8]

Furthermore, zinc supplementation combined with training increase T levels. [9]

Urtica Diocia (Nettle Leaf)

Most people wouldn’t see an association with nettles and testosterone.

However, nettle prevents the process of aromatase. [10]

Aromatase is when testosterone gets converted in to estrogen.

We do not want that to happen. So it is great to see that there is a estrogen blocker in here.

A university study recommends the use of urtica dioica to help relive the clinical symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. [11]

These results mean that it is suitable for use as a post cycle therapy after anabolic steroid or prohormone use.


Whilst it sounds rather plain and of no significance, you couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Boron has proven itself to be an effective testosterone booster. This was evident when it was supplemented at 10mg per day. [12]

While some testosterone boosters do include boron as well, they don’t all include this required 10mg like Military Muscle does.

Mucuna Pruriens

This is another nutrient that offers a different approach to testosterone synthesis.

It is reported in studies to reduce stress and improve fertility by increasing sperm numbers.

This stress reduction and its ability to increase dopamine is also associated with an increase of testosterone release which then can also improve sexual function. [13]


In terms of (the amount of) benefits per nutrient, ashwagandha must be up there at the top somewhere, nestled with vitamin D.

That’s because it has numerous benefits, not just for testosterone, but also, definitely testosterone. [14]

  • Clinical trials have seen an increase of 14.7% testosterone when compared to a placebo.
  • Greater increases in strength and muscle size.
  • Less muscle damages.
  • Reduced more fat.

It was concluded that 600mg daily is the ideal candidate to supplement with a training regime. [15]

Just as it goes, Military Muscle includes that required 600mg dose per daily serving.

D-Aspartic Acid

There’s a lot of discussion regarding DAA and how it can have an effect on testosterone levels, and therefore, muscle development. [16]

This discussion can be attributed to differing outcomes when analysed.

However, there is evidence that shows it can help improve muscle performance [17] and increase testosterone levels. [18]

Additional benefits include increases of sperm quantity and quality. [19]


It is key that Military Muscle includes 500mg of fenugreek per daily serving.


Because independent research has demonstrated that this amount taken over a 8 week period resulted in less body fat, more testosterone and strength. Fact. [20]

Fenugreek has also proven itself to be an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. [21]

Vitamin K2

This is another vitamin that works very well with another nutrient.

K2 and D3 are instrumental in promoting positive growth and development. [22]

This vitamin can also prevent the decline in testosterone levels while helping increase steroid production in the testes. [23]

This is a very strong nutrient profile. Lots of evidence validates the use of these ingredients, and the required doses for positive results are also included for your daily serving. 

Military Muscle – Dose

This is another area where Military Muscle excels and dominates.

The huge number of ingredients is further solidified with the high daily dose.

There’s no filler, just 3850mg and 6 capsules daily.

Military Muscle is clear ahead of many rivals. Additionally, it is those relevant doses as per the results from studies that make this effective.

Such as 600mg of ashwagandha, 10mg of boron and 500mg of fenugreek.

Clearly well researched an developed, as was promised.

Military Muscle – How to take it

As mentioned, there’s a daily dose of 6 capsules.

These capsules are transparent, so we can clearly see what we are getting, not only that, there has been reports of health risks concerning colored capsules.

Once again, it is this high quality and stringent manufacturing that shines.

The instructions are quite simple.

Take 2 capsules as you wake, 2 mid day and a further 2 in the evening/end of your day.

This means your body has a good supply of those nutrients while minimizing any waste.

Military Muscle – Side Effects

As per the ethos of this test booster; quality and research is the aim of the game. This means we get a very good standard of product.

As such, safety shouldn’t be a worry nor an issue.

Thankfully it isn’t.

For the vast majority of people this will not cause any issue.

At worst some may experience diarrhea or slightly anxious, but other than that there’s nothing really untoward to be concerned of from what we can find.

Where to Buy

One of the issues with Military Muscle is that you can only buy it online and direct from the company themselves (Mil-Tech Pharma).

That means online orders only and it will be shipped free of charge to wherever you are in the world.

On one hand you may see this as being slightly inconvenient, but on the other hand, you know it is coming from source.

That means you are getting a product that has been manufactured in a FDA and BRC global standards facility with no traces of allergens or banned substances.

No issues of quality or counterfeit.

To ensure you get the best quality product buy direct from their website.


Military Muscle Recap

This testosterone booster excels.

It offers a well researched number of ingredients.

They offer multiple benefits, and all contribute to increasing natural production of testosterone.

The dose is high and strong, yet also warranted. There’s no half measures or shortcuts.

The price is a little high, but this is accounted for with manufacturing processes, no banned substances and massive results.


The best T-booster I have ever tried.

A great list of nutrients. A transparent manufacturing process to the highest quality and standards.

Furthermore, after using Military Muscle Testosterone Booster Complex for a few months I felt way more invigorated, could train harder, more often and increased my strength.

I cannot recommend this enough.


























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