Muscle Pharm CLA Core Diet Fat Burner Review


Initial Thoughts:

Muscle Pharm are a well established supplement brand in the market place, they are even the official nutrition brand to the UFC so having this lofty position must mean great products, no?

It’s branding fits in with the MP corporate image and I like it, it looks professional and ‘sporty’ without being to gaudy or nonsensical. There is a high quality finish to the product.



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Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – Extensive studies have shown that this naturally occurring fatty acid helped a group of women lose 9% body fat within 12 months, the interesting thing about this study was that the group of subjects didn’t even do any exercise for this figure to be reached. One thing to note is that you need a composition of at least 80% for this to be effective but we cannot see what the composition is for this particular product.

However, the fun sort of stops here. Further studies are quite contradictory…

The way it works is by acting on molecular signalling receptors which induce fat loss. And, whilst initial studies are interesting it does seem that the overall effects are not that potent and overall as a supplement it is lackluster.

Another issue is that it can have some fairly unwanted side effects such as nausea, diarrhea and fatigue. But it doesn’t stop there because it could also worsen insulin resistance and cause a ‘fatty liver’, lower the good cholesterol and worsen inflammation.

But it is not all bad, As an antioxidant, CLA may have cancer-fighting properties. Studies have shown that women who get a lot of CLA from their diets have a lower risk of colorectal cancer; they may also have a lower risk of breast cancer.


1-2 soft gels per day.


There have been some fantastic, recorded results in trials which show that the participants have lost significant amounts of body fat over a 12 month period whilst doing no exercise! They are some impressive results.

It also works well as an antioxidant and help prevent some cancer’s.

It is only $8.99 – that is one of the most cost effective supplements we have come across.


We are not privy to the composition, if it is less than 80% we are wasting our time with it. There’s a chance this could be less than 80%.

There can be some rather unpleasant side effects such as nausea or diarrhea which nobody wants to experience, especially if you are performing some deadlifts…nasty.

As for all the good reports of its effectiveness there are also negative reports contradicting the former. Therefore we have no real concrete proof that this will be effective for everyone unlike the combination of green tea and caffeine which is found in other fat burner’s.

My Review Conclusion:

There’s a contradiction between the studies which does not fill us with optimism, in addition to this we do not know the exact composition of the CLA too, if it is below 80% this will not work.

Another problem is that there’s very little else to help maximize fat burning as you would find in other good fat burning products so you are missing out somewhat if you overlook those for this.

My score:



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