The Best 17 Foods To Boost Metabolism. Do They Work?

Many people will blame genetics on their metabolism, especially if it is slow. However, this is not a direct result of your genes. Much of your metabolism is down to your lifestyle and diet choices.

You could incorporate more exercise, in particular resistance training, spices such as cayenne and more protein in to your lifestyle which have all been shown to increase metabolism.

Skipping processed foods for a diet of nutritious and raw, whole, foods is the greatest diet change you can make and will benefit your metabolism massively.

Let’s take a look at the following foods which will help you smash your weight loss goals.


Interestingly, a study from Rio de Janeiro State University found that eating three small apples a day greatly increases metabolism and speeds up weight loss.

Research found that the key to this discovery could be the fiber, which can slow the intake of dietary sugar and make you feel fuller longer. Apple peels also contain pectin, a specific type of fiber that not only helps to flush out toxins, but also limits the amount of fat your cells can absorb.


Investigations in to asparagus has found that it is very high in B vitamins. These vitamins play a key role in metabolizing sugars and starches. It also contains an antioxidant called glutathione, this compound breaks down carcinogens.


Ranking high on the trend level and for good reason, avacados are great for the heart. The oleic acid is great for inflammation which makes your body function a whole lot better, notwithstanding your metabolism. Avocado’s are great at making you feel much fuller for longer too meaning you are less likely to snack on junk.


Berries are great for lowering inflammation and blood sugar levels. The chemicals they contain called anthocyanins may actually help metabolize fat and reduce weight gain.


The staple of every crossfitter’s diet, broccoli is not only high in water and fiber which helps to burn the fat quickly and digest food more efficiently, there’s also vitamin C which can help ward off illnesses and help progress through the digestive tract.


Cabbage offers similar amounts of the healthy B vitamins that broccoli and caluliflower does. Once fermented in to the german favourite, sauerkraut it increases the probiotics which increases metabolism.


High in fiber and can flush the liver of toxins, toxins are an issue because they can slow down metabolism.

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You may not be aware, however, the superfood is a great way to substitute unhealthy and processed carbs. Cauliflower can also be used to make rice, couscous, pizza base and other starchy and high carb foods.


Renowned for its ability to burn more calories digesting than it contains, dip it in a healthy nut butter to keep your fuller for longer.


Like celery, cucumbers are negative in calories. However, the cucumber seeds have a stimulant effect on your body which can speed up your metabolic rate. High levels of sulphur and silicon may also help the body to burn fat. Also full of water to hydrate you.


Garlic blasts unwanted bacteria, fungi and viruses. It also lowers cholestrerol, speeds up metabolism and reduces fat cells in the body. Part of this is due to the thermogenic effects.  


Researchers have found that grapefruits help the body use insulin more efficiently because they contain a unique antioxidant called naringenin. So, with your blood sugar levels being more balanced it can help your body to burn fat.


If you have a glass of lemon water prior to eating, it can help lower blood sugar levels by approximately 10%. This in turn reduces the likelihood that your body will store carbohydrates and sugars as fats. You may not know this but lemon water helps to detoxify your liver which will help keep your metabolism running on point.

Raw nuts

The body burns more calories digesting proteins that fats and carbohydrates. Nuts contain lots of protein and are extremely healthy.


Traditionally eaten by the indigenous people of Central America after large meals, Papaya contains papin, an enzyme which breaks down and absorbs proteins. This stimulates metabolism.


Pineapple is popular and for good reason too. It’s great for weight loss, blood pressure, arthritis and…metabolism.

It contains bromelain which is able to break down food more quickly and efficiently.


Pop Eye wasn’t silly. According to studies, spinach is a great way to build muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories are burnt just to maintain it. So build some muscle and see your metabolism soar.