Weight Loss Supplement Sales Increase

With summer just about upon us the weight loss supplement market is showing no signs of slowing, not for the short term anyway.

Forecasts for this particular supplement sector is set to grow just over 5% up until 2020 from 2016 with revenue generated from sales continually on the rise.

Many large and recognizable company names offer weight loss supplements such as GSK, BASF, Nestle, Berhad, Avon and Herbalife to name a few.

In markets such as the US where private healthcare is prominent, weight loss supplements can act as a preventative measure to ensure their premiums do not rise due to obesity and other associated illnesses and the supplements cost far less than expensive treatments and medications.

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To give you an insight, the costs of obesity range from $147 to $210 billion per year – that is a staggering amount.

It is these sort of figures which are the key drivers for the growth in weight loss supplement sector.

Another trend for the increase is the continuous product development and improvement. As more and more adults strive for a healthy lifestyle opting for fitness programs and healthy food consumption including supplements in order to maintain a certain level of healthy weight management this is forcing manufacturers to produce supplements to satisfy the burgeoning customer base which takes these products into the mainstream.

Other than personal cost factors related to obesity, government initiatives in the West are seeing a surge in memberships across gyms and fitness clubs which in turn drives growth in the supplement market as a whole as people become more exposed to the vast array of supplements available. Over the past 10 – 15 years there has been a huge increase in female supplements being available which has also triggered growth.


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